Related to the Human body.

The cells in our bodiy regulate the blood supply from the Heart depending on their need. The heart is an unbiased, non judgemental life force / blood pump & supply mechcanism.

Capitalism = Centralised system. The Heart is in control of the blood supply to the cells (people), deciding who get’s what, nepotism & corruption ensure an oversupply to a few causing chronic llnesses to the body., and an undersupply (poverty) to others. system is imbalance and destined to fail.

Communism = Centralised system. The Heart pumps an equal and fixed amount of blood to each cell. However differrent cells require more blood depending on workload, like when digesting food and others require less while at rest. Without a flexible blood supply system the body is imbalanced and destined to fail.

Socialism = Centralised system. a hodge•podge of the two systems above. Fails because of inherent nepotism & corruption

Crypto: Decentralised system. The cells are supplied blood from the heart depending on productivity, which reminds us of the importance of everyone having what they need, and that not everyone needs the same thing. Balanced system – body is at it optimum.